About the Service Department

About the Service Department


Welcome to the Service Department at Vreeland’s Harley Davidson. No matter what your bike needs, the Service Department can take care of it. From state inspections and routine maintenance, to accessories and major upgrades, we have you covered!

New bikes:

Your new bike has been inspected and delivered to be ready for you to enjoy. Rest assured knowing your new bike is fully functional and safe.

The first service is critical. At the 1,000-mile mark, we will change all the fluids and check all the critical fasteners as well as the steering components and drive belt.

After you first service, your bike will need servicing every 5,000 miles to keep it performing at peak efficiency for years to come. 5,000-mile services are more than just oil changes; they are multi-point inspections as well. They are an opportunity for our technicians trained eyes to spot any potential safety concerns. You will pull away from your 5,000-mile service with the peace of mind that your bike ready for another 5,000 worry-free miles.


 If your bikes old enough to vote, we want to work on it! Always consult your owner’s manual for required maintenance intervals as older bikes can be different. If you are unsure what your bike requires, feel free to call us and we will be happy to assist you.